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Our 'My Life in Lockdown' project 2020

Recently there have been big changes in our lives. We are all living through a historic period as we all experience a worldwide pandemic. On Friday the 20th of March our country went into lockdown to protect us from Coronavirus, and therefore schools have had to close and children have been learning at home. As a school, we wanted to try and mark this happening in a creative way that can serve as a historical record. Here, we have reflected on our own personal experiences of life in lockdown during the Coronavirus outbreak and we would like to share with you our thoughts, feelings and new daily routines. 

Rainbows are a symbol that there is hope and light to follow after every storm. At home, children across the country have been busy making their own rainbows to display in their windows. Here is our FRJS rainbow that some children made to display in our window at school.