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Welcome to Class 3/2!


Teacher: Mr Coughlan

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Curran





Games and PE: Monday and Thursday (swimming starts in Spring Term)


Homework: Handed out on Friday and due back in for Wednesday (1 Smiley if it is handed in before then!)


Spelling Test: Every Friday



Class Timetable

Keep In Touch


This website will have lots of pictures and information on throughout the year but the best way to keep in touch is by connecting with me on Class Dojo. Through Class Dojo, I can share photos and let you know what 3/2 have been doing as well as being able to message each other privately about your child.

Farnborough Road birthday picnic

Victorian classroom

Science Week experiments (Part 1)

World Book Day

Come Dine With Me

We compared Stone Age homes to our modern day homes by building them in stones and Lego!

As part of our Stone Age topic we were visited by the archaeologist Dr John Hill from the University of Liverpool who brought with him mammoth bones, tools and tribal masks!

Using the school timeline to find Ancient Egypt and understand where it fits in world history

Researching the lives of the Ancient Egyptians

Sorting animals in a Venn diagram by carnivores, herbivores and omnivores

Following a set of instructions to make a sandwich

Mummifying the Pharaoh Keira!!

Egyptian Art - Gods drawn on papyrus and making pyramids