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Farnborough Road Junior SchoolBelonging together, learning together, achieving together


Welcome to Farnborough Road Junior SchoolBelonging together, learning together, achieving together

PE and Games

PE Subject Lead - Miss C Gillett


Farnborough Road Junior School encourages all children to participate in sport in order to develop an appreciation of teamwork, a respect of and tolerance of the abilities of others and an awareness of opportunities to enjoy fulfilling leisure activities. We aim to develop agility, physical co-ordination, fitness, confidence and enjoyment through physical activities.


The P.E programme is designed to make full use of the school’s facilities of specialized 3G Space for Sport, designated ‘no-mow’ and ‘caged’ areas and the PE hall, and includes development of skills using large and small apparatus, ball skills, team games and dance.


Health and Fitness are key to healthy lifestyles. We have introduced a new range of circuit skill based activities to challenge pupils and improve their fitness. Swimming takes place for all children, at Swimscool for Farnborough pupils. All Year 5 pupils attend for a block which incorporates intense teaching of swimming. Priority is given to increasing water confidence and ensuring that all children learn to swim. A high percentage of children develop their swimming techniques to award level. If for any reason some children do not achieve their 25 metres in Year 5, they will have the opportunity to attend swimming lessons again in Year 6.


The school’s high reputation in competitive sports is maintained through extra-curricular activity and children regularly participate in local competitions. Extra-curricular activities are available in football, netball, rugby, athletics, gymnastics, cross country, tri golf, tennis and cricket. A number of activities are provided in partnership with fully qualified coaches who are brought in to provide expert tuition such as fencing and judo. Team games are played in season, both within the school and against teams from neighbouring schools. 

Curriculum Intent

We aim to be an outstanding school at the heart of our local community. We want to create a happy, safe, caring and inclusive learning environment where every child will become an independent learner who achieves their full potential. In partnership with families, we will help pupils to become responsible young people who are on a pathway to success.


Curriculum Implementation

At FRJS we encourage children to succeed and excel in a range of sports and other physically demanding activities. Through a balance of skill development and real game practice, a range of skills are advanced throughout their time in school. As well as physical challenge, children should also be taught about general fitness, and should have a basic understanding of why exercise and healthy eating are important. To aid this, children are taught some basic cardiovascular exercises that they can achieve at school or at home. Through participation in extracurricular sports teams our children have the opportunity to learn the values of respect and sportsmanship which are crucial in all walks of life as they progress.


  • In KS2 lessons children will be taught one indoor PE lesson and one outdoor Games lesson a week. The PE lesson will usually be based around a gymnastics or dance module, with the addition of fitness activities (Circuit Training) and some indoor games. Games lessons will follow a sequence of lessons around a sport, focussing on a mixture of skills and games-style activities.
  • This is differentiated and adapted to meet their needs with links made to other curriculum areas as appropriate.
  • The end of each Games Topic will see a competition style lesson, where children have the chance to display what they have learned through small team games which results in a winning colour team every half term.
  • At the end of a PE topic the children will be given an opportunity to put their skills into practice, through a group/individual display. The class will then have the chance to evaluate and improve each other’s performances.


Curriculum Impact

We strive for every child to achieve their full potential in PE and develop curiosity
and excitement for health and well-being. We want our lessons to involve each child, maintain high levels of activity and promote a healthy lifestyle.We want them to be ready for their next stage in learning and inspire aspirations for the future career paths.