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Welcome to Farnborough Road Junior SchoolBelonging together, learning together, achieving together

Contacting a Teacher

As a school we try very hard to make communicating with staff easy.



  • CLASS DOJO - All of our classes use “Class Dojo” to record smileys. We know that there is an option inside that app to contact the class teacher. This is the preferred method of contact in our school. Please DO NOT use this for urgent messages during the school day. Teachers do not always have the opportunity to check these account during a busy day. 
  • SCHOOL PUPIL PLANNER - Please use this for simple messages into school and absence notes etc. These are checked each day so they are a reliable message system.
  • EMAIL - If you have a detailed concern or worry, please use the appropriate staff email address. They are simply the staff member’s name followed by e.g
  • FACE TO FACE - We know this is the best means of contact, but we know it is not always possible for everyone, particularly at the current time. We have senior staff on the main doors each morning and teachers are usually available after school if you need a quick word.
  • TWITTER - School has a Twitter account to keep you up to date with activities. Again, whilst we monitor this account, this is only done at irregular intervals and you should not rely on it as a means to get a message into school.


PLEASE CONTINUE TO CONTACT THE SCHOOL OFFICE if you have information that needs to be passed on during the school day. Teachers are obviously VERY busy during the day and checking messages is not their top priority.

Please be aware that although some staff will answer emails outside of working hours, you will probably have to wait until the next working day for a response if you message during the evening.


Staff email addresses can be found in the document below.

Do you need to Contact a teacher?