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Farnborough Road Junior SchoolBelonging together, learning together, achieving together


Welcome to Farnborough Road Junior SchoolBelonging together, learning together, achieving together

Religious Education

Mr Hanlon - Religious Education Subject leader

Religious Education plays an important part within the broad and balanced curriculum offered at Farnborough Junior School Road.


R.E is taught in line with the Sefton Agreed Syllabus. Pupils are welcomed from any religious faith or none, and will find their opinions respected. WE aim for children to learn more about the beliefs of others and to interact with this learning through discussion and debate. 


Children attend assemblies three times a week, which are mainly Christian in character, but may also draw on stories from other faiths or focus on moral issues. Our assemblies include our school prayer and a hymn and we use our Friday assembly to celebrate and share success.  Our assemblies include regular visits from local religious leaders from different faiths including Church of England, Methodist. the local Imam and members of the Jewish community. Termly assemblies include celebrations of the Harvest Festival, Christmas and sharing our community and fund raising events.

Curriculum Intent

We aim to be an outstanding school at the heart of our local community. We want to create a happy, safe, caring and inclusive learning environment where every child will become an independent learner who achieves their full potential. In partnership with families, we will help pupils to become responsible young people who are on a pathway to success.


Curriculum Implementation

The RE curriculum focusses on the children learning through preparing pupils for adult life, employment and lifelong learning. It helps children and young people become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. It gives them the knowledge, skills and understanding to discern and value truth and goodness, strengthening their capacity for making moral judgements and for evaluating different types of commitment to make positive and healthy choices. We have ensured that these aims are covered across the year groups.


  • In KS2 lessons, each topic will start with an opening question where the children give their opinion of a subject linked to the faith they are covering. Lessons will be focussed on children gaining a full understanding of the religions and their beliefs. There will be a heavy focus on learning from religions. This will then be returned to at the end of a topic with a closing question. Showing what the children have learnt and if their perception has changed over the course of the topic.
  • Children will be encouraged to write in Religious Education lessons as if it were an English lesson. Learning will take place in a variety of ways and include discussions, group work and role play.
  • Written work will be completed in RE books or other books related to the topic being taught.
  • Work may be differentiated and adapted to meet the children’s needs, with links made to other curriculum areas as appropriate.


Curriculum Impact

We strive for every child to achieve their full potential in RE and develop curiosity and excitement about the world they live in. It enables pupils to gain a deep awareness of their own and others’ identities and helps develop a clear sense of what is of real value in world today.  We want them to be ready for their next stage in learning and inspire aspirations for the future career paths.