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Class 3/2 - Mrs Caddell

Class 3/2 is taught by Mrs Caddell

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Oldfield


Autumn - Horrible Histories - Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece

Spring - Stone Age Survival

Summer - How we used to Live - Victorian Southport

Indoor PE -            Thursday

Outdoor games -     Wednesday

Spelling test -         Friday

Homework -            given out on Friday, collected Monday/Tuesday



Try to read at least 3 times a week or every night if possible!!!! It can really make a difference!!!!

Reflecting Light

We investigated how different materials reflect light. We found that CDs reflected light the best. What else could you use to reflect light?

Happy 90th Birthday Queen Elizabeth II!

Happy 90th Birthday Queen Elizabeth II! 1

Our Royal Picnic!

Our Royal Picnic! 1
Our Royal Picnic! 2
Our Royal Picnic! 3
Our Royal Picnic! 4
Our Royal Picnic! 5
Our Royal Picnic! 6
The juniors and infants joined together for a special picnic to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday.
We found out all about the Queen's family. She has lots of grandchildren and even some great-grandchildren! She loves her pet corgis.

Flat Stanley!

Flat Stanley! 1 Today, we took Flat Stanley around school.
Take a look at our pictures. Can you guess where Stanley and his friends went?
Today, we had Junior Chef. Chief Chef Gary taught us how to make blueberry Crème Brulee. We learned a lot about foods we didn't know, and where they come from, like vanilla and passion fruit. We got to taste some dried fruits too. 

We all had a brilliant Victorian Day at Salford Museum! Check out our pictures!

Thank you for our Reading Corner Prizes .....books!!!

Thank you for our Reading Corner Prizes .....books!!! 1 These children have been reading 7 times a week!!!

Our Stone Age magazines!

Our Stone Age magazines! 1

Our Reading Corner!!!

Our Reading Corner!!! 1 Reading beside the sea!!!

Our beloved Mrs. Halsall!

Our beloved Mrs. Halsall! 1

Stone Age Dance

Stone Age Dance 1
Stone Age Dance 2
Stone Age Dance 3
Stone Age Dance 4
Stone Age Dance 5
Stone Age Dance 6
Stone Age Dance 7
Stone Age Dance 8
Stone Age Dance 9
Stone Age Dance 10
Stone Age Dance 11
Stone Age Dance 12
Stone Age Dance 13