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After School Clubs

We try to offer lots of clubs outside normal lessons. these take place at lunchtime, after school and sometimes before school. The range varies from football to ICT, reading to netball. We are working hard to make sure that there is a good spread of clubs across all 4 years although inevitably, most of the competitive sport opportunities exist for the older children.


Usually our clubs are free, but we do use some outside providers who charge for attendance. We try to keep these to a minimum.


All of our clubs are linked to the Children's University. This accredits learning outside the classroom and pupils need to attend 100 hours of activities to graduate at the end of Y6. Pupils can also have a CU Passport so that they can gain credit for clubs outside school. There are an increasing number of accredited clubs in our local area and these can be found on the CU website. Children can collect many credits in this way, helping them to graduate at the end of Y6.


All children automatically take part in this scheme. Passports have to be purchased from the school office.