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Farnborough Road Junior SchoolBelonging together, learning together, achieving together


Welcome to Farnborough Road Junior SchoolBelonging together, learning together, achieving together

School Council Archive: 2015-2016

School Council 2015 - 2016


This half term classes have been busy electing new members to represent their class in our school council. 17 children have been elected and so far they have done a fantastic job of speaking out and sharing the views of their classmates. One project we have been working on is making sure our playgrounds provide stimulating activities for the children to enjoy. We now have a wide range of "big play" equipment and after listening to what else the children wanted we are now ordering a "quiet box" for each class. Inside each box there will be books for children to read, puzzles and colouring in for the children to do if they want a quieter time at break. Children have fed back to Mr. Antell with other ideas on how else our playgrounds can be made better.


We have also held our first meeting with other school council in the area as part of Southport Learning Partnership. We are soon to meet up again to decide on a project that the local schools can work on together. Let us know if you've any ideas you would like to be considered.


Keep an eye out on this page for news of more of what we are working on next!

School Council Update April 2016


School council have been continuing their project in Bedford Park. Firstly they have visited the park to tidy the flower beds and litter pick around the play areas.

Today we have been back to the park to re-build a bug hotel. Last years school council had built one but sadly after a few weeks of it being put up it was vandalised and burnt down. 

The children from our primary school and from other Birkdale primary schools worked really hard to make a new habitat for bugs and mini-beasts in the park. By the time we had finished the children had created not one but two bug hotels which hopefully should stay up a lot longer this time. 

Bug Hotel Building

School Council Update: March 2015
This term the school council have been busy working on our project in partnership with other schools in Birkdale. Our project this year is “Bedford Park.” We are aiming to help make it a more attractive place for children to play, adding flowers, building bug boxes and putting up hand decorated bird boxes. Our Police liaison officer has been in to talk to the pupils about how to look after the park and behave responsibly when they visit it. Some members of school council have already planted our wild flowers seeds with the help of Sefton Parks Management – why not take a trip to the park over Easter if you have free time to see how they are getting on? 
Our bird box competition was won successfully by Yasmin Powell and Chloe Barton. They have already decorated their bird boxes and they will be put up in the park in the Summer term. 
We are now going to begin to collect materials for our bug boxes. If you have any old tubes or crates please let Mrs Collins (3/4) know as they could come in very handy when making our own bug boxes. 
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