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Design and Technology

Through a variety of creative and practical activities, pupils at Farnborough are developing the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in the process of designing and making.


They are given the opportunity to use a wide variety of materials and to manipulate tools safely. Children are encouraged to design and plan their work through drawing and discussion and evaluate their models when they are complete. Children study different areas of modern living including food, textiles and construction techniques.


To develop their knowledge, skills and understanding, children also investigate and evaluate a wide range of products. They have the opportunity to visit a local bakery in order to observe food processes in cooking and nutrition.


In Y5 they visit Leyland Trucks to observe large manufacturing and designing processes.


Week long projects take place in each year group in order to allow children to plan, design and evaluate a wide variety of products.

Year 3 - Food (Healthy Sandwiches/Snacks) Mechanical Systems - levers in cards and Structures  

Year 4 - Textiles (Juggling ball), Food (Shortbread) and electrical circuit and switch in product.

Year 5 - Moon Buggies, Textiles (Protective case), WWI Biscuits/Stew

Year 6 - Food (Healthy Pizzas), Structures (Bird Hides) and CAD 

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