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3/4 have been looking at the process of mummification whilst studying the Ancient Egyptians. 


They then had a go at being Ancient embalmers using tomatoes.


The children had to remove the seeds ( representing the body's organs).  They then had to clean the tomato and fill it with natron, which was made by mixing salt with bicarbonate of soda.  The tomato was then placed in a container and covered with the remaining natron. 


We can't wait to see what the tomatoes will look like in a few weeks time!

This lesson we were looking at what canopic jars are and what they are used for.

When Egyptians would mummify a body, the liver, lungs, intestines and stomach were washed and dried in natron. The organs were then either wrapped in cloth to place in the body later or stored in canopic jars


What we did:

Using different materials, we made our very own canopic jar!

We drew the head of one of the Gods to protect our organs and placed the organs inside our jars.

To represent the organs we used:

A used tea bag – liver

Orange segments – lungs

Pasta – intestines

Pink balloon - stomach