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Head for a Day

Each year we hold an annual election  where every child in school gets the chance to vote for their ‘Head for a Day’. Y6 pupil candidates have attempted to be selected, with the best applications going forward to an election.


The winning pupil will get the chance to  implement some of things that they wanted to happen in school whilst Mr Antell takes a day off!


The election in 2021 takes place on Friday 2nd July and campaign videos and leaflets can be see on the links below, The new Headteacher(s) will be in charge on Wednesday 14th July 2021.


At a time when there is lots of political talk in our own country, it is important that children learn how democracy works. We use the election to talk to all of the children about democracy and our own voting system. 


We will let you know how the successful candidate gets on in their day in the hot seat!


Have a look at the campaign videos on this link:


Head for a Day Videos