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Ebola Appeal

Our School Council have received an appeal from another group of schools in Sefton and they want to help.
The Waterloo Partnership have worked with schools in Waterloo, Sierra Leone for several years. Sadly this area of Africa has been devastated by Ebola and the Sefton schools are trying to get all School Councils to raise a little money to help this stricken community. The money would be given directly to their friends in Africa to spend in their own towns and villages. The money would be spent on chlorine, mops, buckets and other cleaning materials.
A video has been posted on YouTube about this appeal and the link is included below.
As its is MUFTI day for our Christmas Fair on Tuesday, we are asking the children to bring in a small financial gift as well as their Christmas donation. 50p or a £1 would be perfect. We will also take some money from our concert collections over the next couple of weeks and send this gift to the appeal.
Some children want to run their own fundraising activities as well and we are helping them to do this.
Thank you for your help,