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Head for a Day

We have  two new headteachers today.


Following an election this week, Cara and Aimee have been elected as Headteacher for the day. 


The girls have some special plans for this day which include:-

  • Children can bring in small toys for the day such as fidget spinners, squishies and Rubik's Cubes.
  • Children can wear their hair down and add anything that they wish to their hair style.
  • Children can wear make-up and painted or false nails.
  • Children will have a vote over which lessons they will have in the morning and writing is banned!
  • All classes will have a film in the afternoon with a treat provided by the school.
  • If the weather is dry, packed lunched can eat outside at lunchtime.
  • Pop music will be played in the canteen.
  • Extended playtime.
  • Mr Antell has to wear scruffy uniform all day



We aim to teach the children about democracy and leadership using this activity.