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World Book Day 2016-Updated with photos

This year we have celebrated World Book Day in the following ways:-


· A Readathon where the children will record how much they read during the week.


· The Readathon will also count towards the inter-class reading competition we have been running this year.


· Throughout the week the children have taken part in a variety of book-related activities. They have also received a £1 voucher which they can exchange at local bookshops either in part payment for a more expensive book, or for one of the many £1 books produced especially for the occasion.


· Book swaps have taken place across the school. We  asked      children to bring in any books in good condition which they have finished with. For each book they donated, they received a book swap voucher which they exchanged for a ‘new’ book.


· And , traditionally we have dressed up as our favourite book characters. Look at the range in the pictures below!