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Welcome to Farnborough Road Junior SchoolBelonging together, learning together, achieving together

Annual Parents versus Players A Team Match

Once again the final match for the Farnborough A Team was against their parents in the annual match. This year saw a fantastic turnout of Dads, brothers and cousins playing for the grown-ups and a number of younger brothers (and daughter) playing for the school team.

On a warm June afternoon the parents took an early lead through a series of one touch passes finished off by Mr Hanlon calming slotting past Bailey in goal. It didn't take long for the team to respond with a goal from the youngest player on the pitch, Levi (Rico's brother). The parents responded with goals Giles and Neil and looked to dominate with Chris, Chris and Rob Graham showing some determined tackling (although Rob nearly saw red for a challenge on Arthur!!)

The boys replied with further goals from the Thompson brothers, Oscar and Eric both scoring past their Dad, Graham in goal. Gilson was sent flying by his brother Dana in a crunching tackle and the half finished with Rob scoring.

The 'elderlies', as Eric called, them enjoyed a short break for a drink and a chance to catch breath and add a player with Theo's brother Ethan deciding to join in the fun. The A team began the second half by scoring through Billy who set up by a superb pass from Sophie H, who had handed her refs whistle to Eric at half time. However age and experience took over and with Graham out of goal and the grown-ups on the attack the lead over the A team grew.

The final result saw a win for the parents once again - better luck next year boys!

I would like to thank the boys for a fabulous year and to all the parents for your fantastic support. Good luck to all those boys who are leaving us this year - George, Ben W, Ben L, Dana and Kian and let's have another wonderful season next year - Bailey, Lucas, Rico, Arthur, Theo, Lawrie and Rhys.