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Assertive Mentoring-Going for Green

The staff are all working very hard at the moment to implement our new Assertive Mentoring process.
The children all have a special file which contains details of their progress in reading, writing and maths. We carried out a set of assessments before the holiday which has given every child their own targets for their next step.

In the coming weeks, the following will happen:-
• All children will be assessed for reading, writing and maths
• Targets will be generated for every child as a result of this work
• Your child will have an individual meeting with their teacher later in the month. At this meeting they will have their progress reviewed and their targets will be discussed. There will also be a discussion about their pastoral progress in terms of attendance, punctuality, behaviour, effort,  homework and uniform.
• The first of our termly reports will be created and this will be the focus of the parent/teacher meetings at the start of December.

Although there is lots to do, we are convinced that this process will help make sure that every child in the school makes outstanding progress during their time in the Juniors.