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Internet Safety 2014

Do you want to know what the children of Farnborough Road are doing online?


The internet is a fabulous tool that everyone enjoys using but children need to know how to keep themselves safe online.


The children completed a survey recently that asked them questions about their internet habits. The full survey results can be found at the foot of this page, however, the main points that we found out were:-

* Just under 50% have a mobile phone

* Over 70% have a tablet device of some kind

* Nearly 50 of our children have a Facebook account even though Facebook guidelines say that it is recommended for aged 13 and over.

* YouTube is used at least weekly by 60% of the children. Moshi Monsters remains very popular too.

* Over 70 pupils have posted a video on YouTube

* Over 20% (84 children) say that they have seen something online that has scared or worried them.

* 80% of children say that their families know everything that they do online. This leaves about 70 children who stated that their family did not know about their online activity or they weren't sure if they knew.

* 80% of the children said they would know what to do if they were worried about something they saw online. Because we thought this figure should have been higher, we held an Internet Safety Campaign last week. 

We used our mentoring week to take some time to look at Internet Safetyu and we talked to the children about how to keep themselves safe whilst online. We would ask families to help in the following ways:-



* Monitor the use of internet in your home. Xbox online and social networking sites cause many issues.

* Keep to the age guidelines on games. 18 rated games have been graded like that for a reason. Many of these games contain graphic violence, foul language and other inappropriate content.  They are not suitable for primary age children

* Talk to your child about their online behaviour. Some children behave differently online than they do in the real world. We have spoken to the children about only uploading images and text that would not embarrass their family.


The internet is a great tool, but children need help to use it sensibly and safely 

Click below for to See our great new poster that we made during our internet safety week


FRJS Internet Safety Survey 2014

FRJS Internet Safety Poster 2014