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Introducing Rosie!



Rosie paid her first visit to school this week and the response was amazing! The children loved her visiting classes and one Y5 child stated very loudly to his Teaching Assistant "I love Rosie!" 



Rosie is our family dog but she has lots of skills. She has visited a variety of schools as well as Nursing Homes and she has passed lots of assessments to make sure she is safe with children and adults. She is a registered Pets as Therapy dog, but we have insured her as a school dog so that she can visit us a little more.


We want Rosie to come to our school each week to be a reading dog. We also want her to help children who are struggling with other worries as there is lots of research to show that animals can really help with this. We also just want her to be part of our school community.



Once Rosie is settled in with the children, we will start to use her in situations which may benefit them. This may include “reading time”, telling her their worries and therapeutic stroking.