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Park Run

On Saturday 16th July 2016 a group of children form year 5 and Year 6 running club attended Hesketh Park, Park Run. Park run is set up for children and adults of all abilities. It is a timed 5k event.

In the last half term we have been working on our pace in running club, running laps each week and increasing a few laps each week. As a celebration of the end of term the children were invited to take part in Park Run, with myself and a small group of parents. I was so impressed with the children, they gave it their all and every child completed the park run. It was a great run and a great opportunity for the children, for some it was the first time they had run this distance. Every child was presented with a medal at the end as a celebration of all they had achieved throughout the weeks at running club and for finishing it off with the 5k park run.

Id like to take this opportunity to thank the children for their commitment to running and to the the parents who came and helped on Saturday morning! Here's hoping for the same commiment next year! Keep running