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Welcome to Farnborough Road Junior SchoolBelonging together, learning together, achieving together

Robinwood 2016

Photos of this trip are now available in the class pages section of this website.


We will use this page to keep you up to date with Robinwood news when we can.



The children have arrived safely and are currently starting their walk up the hill to the centre. There is quite a lot of snow in the area, but it is a lovely day. Their bags are transported up the hill, but they have to walk!!


2.30pm - Lunch is done, the children have been introduced to the staff and now they are on the first session. There is snow in the area but weather is good, if a bit cold! Robinwood have loads of extra clothes for children so there is no chance that your child will be cold. They even wash clothes overnight if required! We are looked after very well at the centre - that is why we keep going back!



All happy-tea eaten and back out for activities.

Pictures will be updated as and when they are available. Internet connection is weak so we will do what we can!




The children had a great night and they have had a busy morning of activities. The weather is better today and they are all a little warmer!

Photos are continuing to be a struggle so we will try to make sure we get one group photo and upload it to Twitter and our website. I'm sure you will agree that staff need to be concentrating on their groups rather than photos! We can always upload more when they come home.



The activities continue thick and fast. The groups work their way around a range including trapeze, crate challenge, zip wire, nightline, climbing, archery and the famous piranha pool. Robinwood have excellent instructors who encourage the children to always push themselves to get everything they can from the visit.


The weather is holding for now although it is possible that we will see some pictures of snowmen in the morning!



A very busy day is coming to the end. The children are playing team games before they have a hot drink and go to bed. They will not take long to go to sleep tonight!

The journey home is unlikely to be affected as the site is on major routes that are always well serviced.




The children had a really good sleep last night and have woken to a blanket of snow! They have had a chance to play and I'm sure there will be more photos later. catching all the children on a snowy day for a picture is like trying to catch water in a net!!


Activities continue as normal this morning. The bus company are planning to get to the site a little earlier as the journey is likely to be slow. All roads that we are using are clear as far as we have been informed and the company will continue to watch travel conditions as the day progresses.


We still expect to arrive at the Guildford Road end of school at the planned time but we will keep you up to date on any major changes.



Lots more snowy pictures below and on our twitter feed.


The children have started their journey home from Robinwood. We will update via twitter for news and text if there is a major delay. We expect the traffic to be slower due to the weather conditions but we are not expecting a significant delay at the current time.