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Welcome to Farnborough Road Junior SchoolBelonging together, learning together, achieving together

Rumi in School Day 4

By now EVERYONE knows who Rumi is!



Another busy day collecting dollars to buy fuel rods and orbs. we had a new message from the scientist who seems to have told some lies!!

We also had some video of Rumi messing in Mr Antell's room. He also seems to have stolen his shoes which he needs to give back!

We are hoping that he may come and see us in school on Friday.



We had another message from Rumi today who wanted help with codebreaking. We also saw him playing in the staffroom and on the stage in the hall. Look for the videos in the podcast section.

Lots of children have managed to get alien dollars and we are getting a good collection of fuel rods and orbs.

Rumi emailed school to ask who would like to meet him on Friday as he wants to say thank you to everyone who has helped!



Today we had a new message from Rumi where we saw pictures of his children. We also had a message from a very important government scientist. You can see these for yourself on the podcast tab on this site.


Lots of children are earning alien dollars so that they can buy fuel rods or transmission orbs to help Rumi get home to his family.


We have also seen some video of Rumi being VERY naughty in school and he may well be in detention later this week if it continues!!



The Alien Week started in assembly on Monday morning when we found a mysterious cube in the school hall. The cube whirred and flashed and even made a strange noise if someone got too close.


Following a phone call from government scientists and a video message from a friendly alien called Rumi from the Planet Noomi, the children have to decide who to help. Do they help the poor Rumi get back to his family or keep the Cube safe for government scientists?


The children have a variety of tasks to complete this week and good work will earn alien money which can be exchanged for fuel rods to help the spaceship fly again.





Be sure to talk to your child about their activities during this week and keep your eye on the website and twitter feed for alien updates.


Visit our podcast section using the link on the side of this page and watch the Alien Channel develop!