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Space Camp -5/1 and 5/4

On Friday night we had a fantastic night on our first ever Space Camp. The weather was perfect as the children arrived and organised themselves into Teams. 

The activities that followed were:

  • The Planetarium - Mr Tong pointed out some different stars and constellations that can be found in the Night sky. We learned how the constellations and the moon changes over the year and asked lots of fantastic questions (some of which Mr Tong had to look up after school)
  • Cross the Galaxy - Mr Spall helped us to practice our teamwork and communication
  • Space Art - Mrs Bigland has begun a beautiful piece of art work that will run over 2 weeks and look absolutely amazing once it is finished. 
  • Treasure Hunt - Mrs Coupland encouraged our Space Knowledge and map reading skills. 


Afterwards we enjoyed a well earned rest with a drink and marshmellows and sat around a camp fire whilst Mr Tong told us a story. 

The children left at 8 o'clock, very tired but looking like they had had lots of fun.