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The chickens have arrived!

The school took ownership of 8 new chickens today.


A special run has been built for them in the nature area where they will spend most of their time. We hope to let them out a little more in the winter months, when the daylight hours are shorter, but for now, they are making their home in their very smart enclosure.


The children will look after the birds, with classes from both schools caring for them on a rota basis. Eggs that are produced will go to the school canteen for use at lunchtimes and Kelly, our cook, will make sure the children know how she has used them. We also plan to use scraps from the kitchen to help vary their diet.


Classes will look after the birds on the weekdays. Fun4Kidz will be in charge during the holidays. At weekends we will make sure that they have enough to eat and drink for a couple of days. Their coop has an electronic door closer to keep them safe and warm at nights.


Chickens plan their days by the sun. They like to get up when the sun rises and take themselves to be when it is getting dark. Once they are in a routine, they are very easy to care for.


This is an exciting new venture for the school. We hope everyone enjoys seeing our new friends.


Do we need some names? What do you think?