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A Special Visitor

We welcomed a special visitor to Farnborough Road last Friday. Mr Awad Ibrahim, Headteacher of Alsalam High, Khartoum, Sudan, came to spend the day in our school as part off his partnership with Birkdale High. Mr Ibrahim visited Y6 maths and English, cooked with 3/3, came to Praise Assembly, ate with the children and toured both schools during his visit. We made sure that he left with some presents too. We gave him a school mug, some FRJS pens for his school and most importantly, a Liverpool scarf to wear on his travels! The pictures below show some students at his school. The school uniform makes it look like a military school, but it isn't! School uniform in The Sudan is picked by the government and this one doesn't match a school whose name means 'peace'. It was a great experience to meet Mr Ibrahim and we hope that this will help us build links with this part of Africa in the coming months.