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Farnborough Road Junior SchoolBelonging together, learning together, achieving together


Welcome to Farnborough Road Junior SchoolBelonging together, learning together, achieving together

A Team v Larkfield

Normal service was resumed on Friday night, after the A Team's last match against Churchtown, with a 10 nil victory over Larkfield.


Our opening formation was:

Jack F

Adam     Rico

Bailey  Lawrie  Theo



The team started brightly, creating chance after chance, with Bailey and Theo working hard on the wings and Lawrie securing the middle of the pitch. However Larkfield defended resolutely and actually forced Jack in to a save as they counter-attacked. Adam and Rico had kept things tight at the back and with the stopwatch on 14 minutes - the score was 0-0 - one minute later Lucas had bagged 2 great goals and the half finished with Farnborough 2 nil ahead.


For the second match the team lined up:



Patric    Arthur

Rhys    Jack W    Theo



Once again Farnborough dominated with Jack W working hard in midfield, Rhys and Theo continued creating havoc out wide and Arthur and Patric passing out from the back. It was through Bailey's hard work, pace and endeavor that he created several chances in front of goal and with a cool head he slotted in 2 goals. Theo broke in to the box from the left and smashed a well deserved goal that nearly broke the back of the net and Bailey completed his hat-trick with a great run and finish. Farnborough 6 nil up.


Third match:


Adam(Rhys)    Rico

Patric    Lawrie(Jack)    Arthur



As the team continued to play free-flowing, passing football their dominance began to show, even though Larkfield were refusing to let their heads drop. Jack broke in to the box and bagged his first of the game and Lucas completed his hat-trick with another accomplished strike. Further breaks saw Rico, Patric and Arthur venturing forward and Rico getting his first goal of the game. Rhys replaced Lawrie and finished the scoring off with a long range block buster to make the final score 10 nil.


It was a brilliant team performance with every squad member contributing to a wonderful exhibition of passing. A very proud manager and set of parents and family enjoyed watching such an entertaining match.