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Ghana 2016

Two of our staff, Mr Antell and Mrs Johnstone, have returned from a trip to Ghana where they worked with our partner school, The Evergreen Blossom Academy.


Children from Farnborough Road completed a piece of work which was taken to our partner school to share. In return, three of the older classes did similar pieces of work which will be shared in our classes. In addition, we took a wide selection of resources which were collected on our Ghana Day. We also presented a large copy of the photograph of the 'human flag' that we made on the same day.


We hope to help the school in Ghana, but we also hope that they can help us. The children have a huge pride and respect for their school, community and country which we hope to share at Farnborough Road.


Some of the photos that we took on the trip can be seen below.


We will use many of the things that we discovered in the coming weeks and months so that this partnership can continue in the future.