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Summer Challenge 2015

FRJS Summer Challenge


We have encouraged all children to do our Summer Challenges.

Children now need to return their cards to school so that we can check them and allocate certificates and prizes.



Reading Challenge

Your child can record all the books they read over the summer holidays with a brief comment about whether they have enjoyed what they have read and why.

  • Bronze Award         Read 6 books      
  • Silver Award            Read 8 books
  • Gold Award              Read 10 books


Children need to return the completed reading log to school in September to receive their award.


It would also be great if we could have some pictures of children reading this summer, maybe while you are away on holiday, on a day trip, in the garden or in an unusual place. Email your pictures to school or tweet a photo.


Email:        Twitter: @FRJSJun


Times Tables Challenge



The new National Curriculum requires children to have memorised their multiplication tables up to their 12x table by the end of Year 4. We need to work together to encourage children to learn their times tables by heart and develop accurate and faster recall of the related multiplication and division facts. We suggest children learn one x table at a time in the following order and record their progress on the back of their challenge booklet.



  • Year 2 learn 2x, 5x and 10x
  • Year 3 also learn 3x, 4x and 8x
  • Year 4 also learn 6x, 7x, 9x, 11x and 12x
  • Year 5 and Year 6 need to know all of them up to 12x


Bronze Award - Recite the relevant x tables in order, without hesitation. E.g. ‘one two is two.  Two twos are four.  Three twos are six’ 

Silver Award - Recite the relevant x table and recall it out of order without long pauses. E.g. What is eight multiplied by four?  What is twelve multiplied by three?’

Gold Award – Recite the relevant x table, recall it out of order and know the related division fact. E.g. What is eight multiplied by four? What is 32 divided by eight? What is 32 divided by four?

Useful websites for x tables practice:,,,