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The FRJS 'Book Factor' Vending Machine - Updated

The amazing FRJS 'Book Factor' Vending Machine was used for the first time today with 8 regular readers from across the school getting the first turn.


Two children from each year were selected at random as winners and they now take home a book from the machine. Emily from Y3 was very lucky as her book had a Golden Ticket that gave her an additional  coin for a second book.


Photo s can be found below.


We revealed the machine via video last week.


As a reward for regular reading each week, children will be entered into a draw where 2 winners will be picked at random from each year group.


Those lucky children will be able to select a book from the vending machine that they will be able to keep forever. We have a wonderful selection of titles that will appeal to everyone.


We also have 'Golden Tickets' in a small number of the books. A Golden Ticket will mean that the winner either gets a SECOND token for a book from the machine or a book voucher.


We are the only school to have a machine like this in the region. 


To win, all you have to do is READ, READ, READ!